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2017, Worst Year for Apple?

In 2017 Apple announced a ton of new features. Everything from new versions of iOS and macOS to new hardware like the iMac Pro, HomePod and new iPhone's. Sadly Apple has stumbled almost every step of the way this year. So far almost every thing Apple has done this year

Mac App Store ICNS Error

I recently ran into an error similar to the following error when trying to publish a macOS application through Application Loader. ERROR ITMS-90236: "Missing required icons. The application bundle does not contain an icon in ICNS format, containing both a 512x512 and a 512x512@2x image. For further assistance,

Apple WWDC 2018 Recap

I was in San Jose from Sunday June 3rd through Saturday June 9th for Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This was my first WWDC I have ever attended and it was truly a special experience to say the least. On Monday Apple hosted their keynote where they released iOS

Marzipan Breakdown

At WWDC 2018 Apple gave a super sneak preview of a project that has been code named "Marzipan". A project that will give iOS developers the ability to easily port their applications to be fully featured macOS applications. There is still a lot that is very unknown about

Why Apple shouldn't have killed AirPort

The AirPort lineup from Apple was one category of products that didn't completely fit into the companies vision. It just never really felt like it completely fit into a traditional Apple purchase. I bet most people barely even know about the Apple AirPort lineup, and I question how many Apple