About this Blog

I started this blog in October 2017. It serves as a place for me to post cool things I find, write about thoughts and ideas I have, along with posting longer tutorials or information.

It has also grown into a central place that I use to refer people to my contact page which is awesome since it provides a central place that has all of my contact information together.

Another cool thing that I have tried to do for the majority of my posts on this blog is post a cool picture as the header. The majority of these photos I have taken. You will find a photo here and there that is taken from some other source just because it fits the topic I'm discussing really well and I don't have a photo handy that I have taken recently. If you are ever curious about if a photo is taken by me or not feel free to contact me.

I should also mention that everything I write in this blog is my own opinion and doesn't represent my company, employer, or anyone I might have connection or work with. Everything I write is just based on my experiences, thoughts, and opinions. I'm also not liable for damages caused as a result of this website. This might include but is not limited to, incorrect source code, outdated pricing information, security vulnerabilities, charges as a result of information presented in blog posts. You are responsible for all services you use, and code you write. But of course if something looks outdated, incorrect, or flat out wrong, please contact me so I can get it fixed.

I also try to blog as often as I can. It is really meant as an extension to my social media accounts for longer content that doesn't fit as well on social media.

There are a few things about this blog that you might be interested in learning more about:

Finally, thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the content I have posted here!