Listed below are some guidelines, terms, and overall just things to keep in mind while reading any of my content. This may include but is not limited to, content posted on any of my social media accounts, content posted to any of my websites, content that I might not be the owner or organizer of, but that I participate in or be involved with (this might include but not limited to, speeches or talks I might give, podcasts I might be a guest on, etc). I believe most of these items are just common sense, but there are a few that might not be (due to how I tend to use social media and other mediums of communication).

  • Opinions are my own
    • This basically means that any of my opinions represent my own views and no one else's. Any of my opinions do not represent those of any of my employers, companies, people, and/or organizations I have/currently worked/work with, etc.
    • It also means that like everyone, my opinions are subject to change over time. As the world changes people's opinions change. An opinion I might have expressed in the past, might not still be my current opinion on a given subject.
    • The only time this doesn't apply is if a given entity (employer, company, person, etc.) specifically states that the opinion I shared is the official opinion of the given entity.
  • I'm not responsible or liable for any damages caused by content I post
    • The most common example of this would be if I give advice about a service (ex. Amazon Web Services), and you decide to use that service, and you incur costs for using that given service, you are responsible for those costs (not me).
    • Another example of this, would be if I provide a code example and the given code example includes a vulnerability in your code or other systems, I would not be liable for that.
    • Basically the moral of the story is, always take what you read with a grain of salt, and do your own research beyond what you read here. I will never purposefully try to make statements or post content that is risky or could cause major damages to anyone.
  • Re-shared content doesn't equal an endorsement
    • This basically means that if I re-share a piece of content, that doesn't mean I endorse the content or the original owner of the content. This will most likely apply to retweets or likes of content, but is not limited to those.
    • Anytime I re-share a piece of content, it probably means that I find it interesting, entertaining, fun, or something else. Although rare, I might re-share a piece of content that I find interesting, but might not necessarily agree with.
  • I have the right to use tools and functions provided to manage content
    • This means I have the right to block you from social media networks for any or no reason.
    • It also means if I'm able to, I have the right to remove any content for any or no reason. This mainly applies to comments posted on this site. But might include other sites where I'm able to control the content posted.
  • Be kind and respectful
    • The internet has made communication so much easier in our world. As with anything tho there are limits and boundaries. Please be respectful and kind when interacting with others.
    • Although I understand that things can sometimes get heated, use common sense about where the lines and limits are.
  • These are subject to change at anytime
    • This basically means that I have the right to change these ""terms"" and everything else on this page at anytime. This might include editing existing content listed here, adding new content, or removing content listed here.
  • This list/page might not be complete
    • There might be things I have forgotten to list on this page. This page is meant as a high level overview and meant to give some details and information about how I use methods of communication. This list is by no means complete.
  • License
    • Unless otherwise stated on the specific page, all content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Attribution is to be given to Charlie Fish.
    • The one exception to this is the header photos on each page. Those header photos remain exclusively owned & copyrighted by me, and are not licensed under the above license. If you are interested in negotiating a license for any of the header photos, please contact me.

If you have any questions about these terms please contact me.

Creative Commons License

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