Open Source

I will update this page with all open source projects I have contributed to. Projects that I am a collaborator on are marked with a (collaborator) tag.

I'm always interested in talking to people about working on open source projects. If you have a project contact me and if I have some extra free time I would love to help contribute some time to more open source projects.

Please keep in mind that some projects listed here I have barely contributed to (sometimes just a small typo fix, or a super minor code fix), but I still choose to list them here. Other projects listed here I have contributed greatly to. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or view each individual project for more information. This list is heavily based on GitHub projects that I have had at least one pull request merged into the base branch, but might include other projects.

Note: This list does not include open source projects that I (or my company) maintains. You can find my open source projects on my GitHub page, and my company's open source projects on it's GitHub page.