About Me

My profile picture. Selfie taken before takeoff on my first solo flight as a student pilot at Centennial Airport (KAPA) in Colorado with my sunglasses and aviation headset on.

I am a developer who is enthusiastic about learning every day and pursuing my passion for building amazing products and services. I’m eager about expanding my skills by researching new technologies and self teaching myself new concepts. I built my first basic HTML website in 2006 and started using the iOS SDK to build mobile apps in 2009. I continued my programming path by taking General Assembly’s 12 week Web Development Immersive course in 2016 to learn more about web development and continue to improve my skills. The ability to write code and see how the code I write changes the product is one of the coolest feelings. Knowing that what I do has the potential to be used by people everywhere is something that drives my ambition to continue to learn more.

Languages: Swift, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Objective-C

Web-Application Frameworks: Node.js + Express

Front-End Libraries: SwiftUI, UIKit, React.js, jQuery, Bootstrap

Databases: Core Data, Amazon Web Services DynamoDB, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL

iOS Frameworks: Apollo, Kingfisher, Alamofire, Google Cast SDK

Object Relational/Document Mappers: Dynamoose, Mongoose

Version Control: Git & GitHub

Deployment: Amazon Web Services EC2, Amazon Web Services CodeDeploy, Heroku, PM2

Other Frameworks/Libraries: GraphQL, Passport.js, Redux, Browserify, Gulp, Babel

Other Services: Stripe, Twilio, Amazon Web Services S3, Docker, CircleCI, Coveralls, Travis CI, CodeCov